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BESS – critical part of the energy infrastructure.

Ethical Power is a leader in design and installations of battery energy storage systems. With a high-voltage independent connection provider (ICP) in house, we can execute the complete range of services around BESS efficiently and to the highest standard.

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Bigger, better batteries for efficient energy release.

Utility-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) allow us to store power for use later, at a time when it is critically needed. They play an integral role in efficient and sustainable operations of the energy infrastructure.

The global battery energy storage market is set for significant growth in the next decade. Systems are becoming more efficient and are now much more scalable. BESS will inevitably play an increasingly important role in the changing energy infrastructure, enabling us to achieve the Net Zero targets.

BESS expertise and projects.

At Ethical Power, we combine EPC expertise, the in-house ICP capability and our asset management prowess to optimise, install and operate the highest quality battery energy storage systems.

BESS are often co-located alongside renewable energy assets to maximise the potential of clean energy generation at times of abundant resource availability. We develop, install and operate both standalone systems and co-located projects.

In development

Burcot Solar Farm and Battery Energy Storage Project


Minety South Storage 2 BESS


Dollymans BESS