Steve Cains

Development Director

Steve Cains leads the development team on identifying and developing solar PV, battery energy storage and green hydrogen projects across the UK, and also supports the growing international business.

He is passionate about the environmental benefits and revenue streams which can be generated by renewable energy projects and is keen to share the message!

Peter Douglass

Project Engineer

Peter is responsible for new development site selection, bringing in Geographical Information System (GIS) expertise to analyse and manipulate data from a variety of sources to identify the best sites for renewable technologies. He also manages grid applications for new projects to facilitate the end-to-end process of development projects.

He has a keen interest in GIS and working collaboratively with other renewable energy companies to facilitate development projects and expand knowledge.

Phil Gordon

Senior Planner

Phil Gordon provides planning consulting services for our renewable energy projects.

He also brings a detailed knowledge of development management and local planning policy within the public sector, having held several planning officer roles in local planning authorities around the UK including Senior Planning Policy Officer for a London borough.

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Developing renewable energy projects.

The need for development of sustainable energy infrastructure solutions has never been greater.

Our projects deliver real benefits to private landowners, businesses, public sector organisations and the communities they serve.

Lasting solutions to tackle current energy infrastructure challenges.

Ethical Power has a tried and tested project development process. Our experience is reflected in our way of working and the quality of our projects.

We find locations for new projects and manage the planning and design. Our construction team then builds the project and connects it to the grid. With over 100 solar and battery energy storage projects supported in the UK and around the globe, we are expanding rapidly.

Alongside our Group companies, we manage the entire process of development, funding, construction and long-term asset management, providing a single point of contact and peace of mind for our clients.

Technologies we use support a sustainable future for all.

From power generation, through energy storage and green fuel production – we work across a range of technologies to be able to provide the optimal solutions, supporting the needs of our clients and our energy networks. With vast knowledge and expertise in house, we specialise in the development of the following technologies:

  • Solar PV

    Solar farms generate electricity cleanly, quietly and using a predictable, abundant energy source – the sun!

    Solar is now one of the cheapest energy-generating technologies, boosting our energy security.

  • Battery energy storage

    Battery energy storage systems (BESS) enable energy generated by renewables, such as solar and wind, to be stored and then released onto the grid when the power is needed most. This helps to keep energy costs down and the grid to work more efficiently.

  • Green hydrogen

    Hydrogen is a clean fuel that, when consumed in a fuel cell, produces only water. Hydrogen can be produced by electrolysis of water with the use of electricity. Using renewable energy to run the electrolysis process has a minimal impact on the environment and thus allows for the term ‘green hydrogen’.

    Hydrogen is an attractive fuel option for transportation and electricity generation applications such as cars and houses.

The impact of our sustainable solutions.

We recognise the profound impact that our projects have on the planet and the people. We develop our plans with the benefit of all stakeholders in mind. That means, we consider the community impact today and the environmental impact of the future, for all of our developments.

  • Slowing down climate change

    Climate change affects everyone. Urgent action is required to restrict the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C. Individuals, businesses and public sector organisations must all play a part.

    The UK government has set a target of decarbonising our power supplies by 2035. Increasing renewable energy generation and improving the energy infrastructure are critical to achieving this.

    All of our designs consider the proximity of site to the grid and the potential for introducing battery energy storage to support the green power generation. We prioritise sites that are closest to electricity demand (e.g. near large cities) to minimise the impact on the network.

  • Tackling the ecological emergency

    Renewable energy projects provide an opportunity to address both climate change and the ecological emergency. Establishing renewable energy plants gives the land, wildlife and all ecosystems time to recover.

    We work with our clients to transform their surplus, underutilised land into efficient renewable energy developments. By allowing soil to restore naturally, introducing new habitats and maintaining established ones, we create a biodiversity net gain (BNG).

    Our approach fights against the decline of nature and works to reduce the impacts of the failing ecosystems. Our designs always include complete land management and wildlife management plans.

  • Benefitting local communities

    Renewable energy benefits the planet on a global scale but also provides benefits at a local community level.

    Community investment is a fantastic way of sharing the benefits of the transition to net zero, enabling local residents to take a real financial stake in renewable energy projects.

    We are experienced in structuring a range of financial investment models for energy schemes depending on the requirements of the project, with options for commercial investment, public sector investment, community investment or a combination of those.

    A community benefit fund can also be set up, providing funding for local community and environmental projects, such as new children’s play equipment, planting trees, supporting community groups or upgrading local facilities.

Meet the development team.

Our team of project engineers, GIS specialists, grid connection experts and project managers work together to ensure projects run smoothly at each stage of the development.

If you own land or have an interesting development opportunity you’d like to explore with our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Steve Cains

    Development Director
  • Peter Douglass

    Project Engineer
  • Phil Gordon

    Senior Planner

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