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Power Supply & PPAs

Green power supply and PPAs

As an independent power provider (IPP), Ethical Power has been supplying green power directly to businesses through Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (cPPA).

Demand for green energy is continuing to grow in response to the climate crisis, Ethical Power is here to provide green power supply and support a more sustainable future for all.

What is a renewable energy Corporate Power Purchase Agreement?

A Corporate PPA (cPPA) is a long-term contract for purchase and supply of renewable energy from a power generator such as Ethical Power, to the consumer – a corporate client. There are different cPPA structures available, including on-site PPAs with private wire connection from an on-site generation plant, or off-site with contract for supply of power through the grid from a plant located away from client’s premises.

Ethical Power is your partner for 100% renewable energy supply.

The various PPA contract structures to match your needs. 

Our clients gain certainty on their energy price with our long term 5-25 year PPAs.

As an independent operator, we have the flexibility to accommodate tailored contract structures that suit different requirements. Whether you’re looking for an RPI-linked product or a fixed-price contract, we are excited to negotiate a suitable offer working directly with you.

Our solutions can suit any size of business and offtake volume, from those purchasing the full generation profile to partial offtake with variable power needs.

  • On-site PPAs or private wire connections

    On-site PPAs, also known as private wire, are the type of contract where the power is generated at the same location where it is consumed. Ethical Power can develop and deliver a solar project for a private-wire connection near or on a site that you own. Reach out to our Development Team to discuss your requirements.

  • Off-site physical and virtual PPAs

    Off-site PPAs are the type of agreements where power is purchased from a defined renewable energy project away from the client’s premises. As an operator of multiple renewable energy assets around the UK, Ethical Power can offer off-site PPAs with immediate or near start dates and with various generation volumes.

Projects awaiting new PPA contracts.

Ethical Power’s PPA pipeline consists of operational assets, projects in construction and ready-to-build developments. Here are some of the projects currently available:

In construction

Twitch Hill Solar Farm