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Langer Lane Solar Park

The project comprises a 7.5MW solar park, on land east of Langer Lane, Wingerworth, within the North East Derbyshire District Council administrative boundary. 

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    North East Derbyshire, UK

About Langer Lane Solar Park

Langer Lane is a 7.5MW solar farm development in the Wingerworth Parish, 2.5km south of Chesterfield.

  • The total site area measures approximately 24 acres.
  • Temporary planning permission will be sought for a 40-year operational period.
  • The infrastructure would be decommissioned, and the land fully restored after the operational period.
  • Approximately 300 metres of new species-rich hedgerow with trees is proposed along the southern boundary.
  • Approximately 1.7 acres of wildflower meadow is proposed at the north of the site.
  • Areas of mixed scrub and willow scrub are proposed along with species-rich grassland under the solar array.
  • The landscaping proposals would deliver a significant biodiversity net gain.
  • The energy that would be generated is equivalent to powering approximately 3,990 homes per annum.
  • The scheme represents an annual¬†saving of approximately 3,575 metric Tonnes of CO2.

Project timeline

The following timeline is indicative and is dependent on planning approval from North East Derbyshire District Council.

  • Spring 2021
    Site identified
  • Summer 2021
    Grid offer accepted
  • 2021-2024
    Community engagement and planning assessments
  • Summer 2024
    Submit planning application
  • Autumn 2024
    Planning decision
  • Spring 2025
    Construction starts
  • Autumn 2025
    Site operational

Why this site?

  • The site is outside of environmentally sensitive areas and is not subject to any statutory landscape, ecological, or heritage designations.
  • There is an opportunity to significantly increase the biodiversity of the site and support existing wildlife.
  • The site benefits significantly from natural screening provided by the local topography and existing woodland and vegetation.
  • The nearest residential properties would not be subject to adverse amenity impacts, including noise.
  • Safe and suitable access can be provided throughout all stages of the development.
  • A viable Grid Connection Offer has been accepted from the Distribution Network Operator, National Grid Electricity Distribution (NGED) for an on-site connection to the existing 33kV overhead line.

Proposed plans

The plans below have been developed in response to community feedback and the results of our preparatory survey works.

  • Proposed site location

  • Proposed¬†site layout

Current Status 

The project is at the planning determination stage of the development process which means there is still an opportunity to share your views of the scheme with us and submit any comments to North East Derbyshire District Council via their website. The planning application and supporting documents can be found using reference number 24/00506/MFL

Community Engagement 

We hosted a public exhibition event on Wednesday 25th May 2021. This was an opportunity for people to find out more about the project, view our plans and discuss the proposals with the development team.

We welcome your feedback throughout all stages of the project and will happily respond to any queries you may have. You can email us at langerlane@ep-development.com or phone 01726 218 618.