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Operations and Maintenance

Maximising asset performance through effective O&M services.

We optimise yields and availability and enhance the natural environment, to give you peace of mind on your investment.

Our services.

The Ethical Power Operations and Maintenance team manage operational assets, to enable smooth and productive generation and adherence to both the manufacturers and the asset owners’ guidance for maintenance provision.

  • Asset Management & optimisation

    In managing your plant, we allow you 24-hour access to information, with complete transparency. We help you:

    • Optimise energy generation
    • Minimise and reduce downtime
    • Limit operations and maintenance costs

    With an in-house control room, we can offer unrivalled level of services tailored to your requirements.

    Performance monitoring & fault resets

    24/7 monitoring of assets, to ensure quick response to issues, as well as to verify production and fulfil reporting commitments. We are able to implement remote fault rectification, too, with all our monitoring operatives fully trained across platforms and systems.

    CCTV installation, maintenance and monitoring

    Design, installation, and commissioning of new or replacement systems, to improve security onsite. Monitoring and response to CCTV systems remotely, to allow for on-site security to be upheld whilst not manned.


    Quotation, design, and installation of new systems to replace end-of-life assets, as well as improving performance and generating potential.

    Technical and Commercial Asset Management

    Our end-to-end capabilities allow us to manage the complexity of running renewable energy assets maximising your investment returns. With technical and commercial asset management teams in-house, we complete contractor management, compliance procedures, financial modelling of performance, and many more services.

  • Operations & Maintenance services

    We utilise an in-house network of highly skilled engineers in key locations, to ensure fast response times and to carry out preventative, predictive and corrective maintenance.

    Corrective Maintenance       

    Repairs, replacements, and investigations to support the proper working and optimisation of the solar assets.

    Preventative Maintenance   

    Scheduled maintenance to align with the manufacturer’s recommendations, to ensure proper working of the site and continuity of the warranties.

    HV Maintenance       

    Maintenance and remedials on high-voltage systems on site, to ensure complete system is working correctly.

    Land Management    

    Periodic maintenance included but not limited to the cutting and management of the grass, cleaning of the panels, spraying of weeds and management of ditches and swales.


    Formulation of reports, for both corrective and preventative works, as well as periodic performance reports to ensure adherence to contract specificities.

    Asset upgrades and retrofit campaigns

    As and when required, our analysts can recommend asset upgrades with on-site technicians fully skilled to complete retrofit campaigns improving your assets’ performance.


    24/7 monitoring of assets, to ensure quick response to issues, as well as to verify production and fulfil reporting commitments. This can include performance and CCTV monitoring.

Is an O&M package cost-effective?

Our plans are bespoke to each client and for each asset. By steering clear from elevated fixed-price contracts, we can give you the best price for exactly what you need. We base our fees on a cost per MW which allows us to offer accurate pricing adjusted to the size of the project.

  • Quick fault rectification

    With our in-house 24/7 performance monitoring team, we are able to analyse multiple data points and identify underperforming assets on any site across our portfolio. Once an issue impacting generation is detected, our experienced team will decide on the best course of action to determine if the component requires servicing or replacement. Conducting this process in a timely manner means that our clients have a reduced amount of downtime.

  • Contracts to suit you

    We have the ability to customise our contracts to suit the client’s needs which means you‚Äôll never be paying for something you don‚Äôt require. Whether you need a full asset management contract or a simple CCTV monitoring service, we will be able to accommodate.

    Within our standard contracts, we offer the following:

    • ¬†Regular scheduled maintenance
    • Corrective maintenance
    • Security
    • Monthly and annual reporting
    • Additional works
    • Warranty management
    • Spare parts management


    We also offer additional monitoring contracts to go alongside our stand contracts or on their own.

    • Performance Monitoring
    • CCTV Monitoring
    • Performance + CCTV Monitoring

Our Projects.

Our expertise and knowledge in renewable energy infrastructure allow us to monitor and maintain a portfolio of utility-scale solar projects varying in capacity across the UK, grid-scale BESS and various rooftop solar installations.

We have an exceptional team of specialised engineers who conduct our planned and corrective maintenance across these sites as well as additional work.


Bullous Park Solar Farm


Bowerhouse II Solar Farm