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Generating asset

Parkview Solar Farm

  • Size:
    6.4 MW
  • Location:
    Devon, United Kingdom
  • Energisation:
    March 2015
  • Client:
    Next Energy Capital


  • Full-wrap engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) delivery to a tight timescale.
  • Continued operations & maintenance of the project ensuring maximum availability and highest operational performance.
  • Purpose-designed mounting systems and approx. 400m Baltic-style wind break


Constructed in a remote part of Devon, accessed by narrow winding lanes, Parkview Solar Project required complex logistics, including offsite set down areas and novel freight measures.

Located at 150m AOD – Parkview is one of the highest and windiest locations that Ethical Power has built in, and due to surrounding topography required a specially-designed mounting system and Baltic- style wind break, approximately 400m in length located along the western margin of the site, to prevent modules being blown away.

The site was completed and commissioned on the 31st March 2015, in the hours of darkness in order to achieve the ROC deadline.

Ethical Power has continued to maintain the project since it was installed and it remains one of the best performing assets in Next Energy’s solar portfolio.

Parkview produces approximately 6200MWh’s of electricity per year.

An equivalent fossil fuel generation plant would produce 8265 tonnes of CO2 which would need over 23000 trees to offset the emissions over a 40-year period.

Like most of our projects, the site was seeded with wildflower to encourage animal and plant diversity and has developed into a haven for many species.