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We develop sustainable energy infrastructure.

Through innovative technology, commitment to quality and our passion for positive change, we are setting new standards for development of sustainable energy infrastructure solutions.

Our projects are shaping the future – we provide cutting-edge energy solutions that inspire and empower individuals, communities, and businesses.

Tailored approach allows us to develop the best quality projects.

As a leading renewable energy developer, we are committed to improving the way we generate and consume energy, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

We work with clients on a consultancy basis or through a complete project development, from early-stage assessments and planning through to construction management and advisory. Each site is unique with every development needing to overcome a different set of challenges. Our tailored solutions set us apart.

We manage all aspects of the development process, including obtaining the planning permission and grid offer, stakeholder management and securing the relevant legal documentation.

Our development process – with you from start to finish.

Whether your project is a large-scale solar farm or small battery storage facility, we can help you through the development processes that will get it built and operating efficiently, maximising your ROI.

  • Step 1
    Initial site assessment - We carry out a desktop study to understand planning constraints of the land and availability of a grid connection nearby. At this stage, we also obtain any necessary pre-application advice from the local authority.
  • Step 2
    Assessments and reports - We coordinate the production of key technical reports (ecology, heritage, hydrology, landscape, highways and agricultural land classification) and complete the Environmental Impact Assessment screening.
  • Step 3
    Planning application submission - After we submit the planning application to the local authority, we liaise closely with planning officers and monitor the application, responding to third party and statutory consultee comments as they are received.
  • Step 4
    Planning committee decision - If the application requires the assessment of a planning committee, we will ensure that committee members are effectively briefed about the essential details and benefits of the proposal. An Ethical Power representative can also attend the committee briefing to speak in support of the proposal on your behalf.
  • Step 5
    Community engagement and benefit set-up - We are experienced in structuring investment from the local community, with funding schemes allowing a percentage of profits to go back to the community to fund local projects and charities.
  • Step 6
    Construction commences - Finally, following planning consent, we ensure that any required planning conditions are discharged so that construction can begin in a timely manner and meets the energisation date.
  • Step 7
    Operation and maintenance - Once construction is complete, we can assist in the operation and maintenance of your asset, throughout its 40-year lifespan.
  • Step 8
    Decommissioning - At the end of the project's lifespan, the asset will be decommissioned and the site returned to its previous state and use.

Additional services to support your projects.

  • Community and commercial finance

    We are experienced at structuring a range of financial models depending on your requirements, from commercial investment to community funding, or a mix of the two.

    Community investment is a fantastic way of getting local people involved and on board with your project. We can also help you bid for suitable funding from specialist lenders and ensure that the scheme progresses.

  • Design optimisation

    We have a highly experienced, in-house engineering team with vast expertise in designing and optimising renewable energy projects.

    Our specialist software allows us to optimise every project design and tailor it to the unique requirements that each site may have.

    Our high-level design tools allow us to push the performance of sites without compromise, both on the technologies and processes we specify, and the performance and yields we forecast.

  • Construction and asset management

    As part of our fully integrated service offering, we can build your project and maintain it throughout its operational life. Our operations and maintenance team can keep your asset running at maximum efficiency and quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

Reach out to our team to find out more about our capabilities and how we can support you.

Our Development Projects.

Over the years, we’ve worked with different clients within the private and public sectors. We have a track record of assisting with over 100 solar and battery energy storage projects across the UK and around the globe.

Currently in development:

In development

Burcot Solar Farm and Battery Energy Storage Project

In development

Stonebarrow Farm BESS

In development

Cobham Road Solar Park

Our completed projects:


Bowerhouse II Solar Farm

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