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Perfecting the handover process

An effective handover from construction to operations and maintenance is a crucial step to any project.

At Ethical Power, our Operations and Maintenance team often handles asset handovers – 8 sites were introduced to the team this year.

We know that asset handovers can be stressful and confusing. How have we made them seamless and simple for our clients?

Working with you from start to finish for a long-term relationship built on trust.

From design to construction and operations and maintenance, we can provide clients with a full package, meaning there is no need for third party companies – this keeps confusion away and helps us to maintain a central information source.

We are a vertically integrated company which gives us access to insights and knowledge from various teams. We can work together through the life cycle of a project and easily transfer knowledge and information from one team to another making a smooth handover process.

We believe that it’s important that clients understand everything related to their projects. We can report on all the behind-the-scenes activity, if needed.

Every client is different, so why should the approach be the same.

We will be working on projects with our clients for the foreseeable future, alongside our Operations and Maintenance team. At the very beginning of the handover process our Client Manager will set up an introductory meeting with the client which will cover the following:

  1. Finalise points of contact including meeting frequency, email communication and reporting structure.
  2. Understand specialist requirements of engineers attending site.
  3. Discuss any queries and outstanding items.

This is an opportunity for us to understand client’s and project’s specific needs. Once we have a true understanding of what is required of us to fulfil the contract and meet all client expectations, the asset can start to be managed to the highest of standards by one of our experienced Portfolio Managers.

Effective communication for seamless handover and continued asset management.

We know circumstances change regularly, that’s why we like to be flexible in our communication methods- this way, we’re ready for almost anything!

Through monthly reporting, regular meetings with clients, email and phone calls, our Portfolio Managers make sure communication of the asset’s performance can be shared in the appropriate form of contact as requested during the introductory meeting.

We often suggest setting up a live portfolio tracker with our clients. A live portfolio tracker allows us to keep, all performance and site issues in one place, with live updates and comments added in by the team. This helps us to resolve any issues as quickly as possible and maintains full transparency of works carried out.

We aim for the most seamless handover process, leveraging on our industry knowledge and using effective communication channels to keep our clients informed. Over the years, we’ve perfected the process, providing for an excellent start to a long-term asset management relationship with our clients.

We are proud of the trust our clients have in us when it comes to managing their assets, whether through basic land management services or the complete O&M package.

Since August 2023, we have had 3 sites handed over successfully to the Operations and Maintenance team, including 8.7MW Dalby, 7.8MW Bulkworthy and 5MW Whites Pit Solar Farm built on a formed landfill site. We currently look after 18 solar and BESS projects across the country.