We are proud to be pioneers & innovators

Highly skilled with deep renewable energy experience, Ethical Power people are ambitious and committed to building dynamic performance. Together, we’re growing fast.


We exist to shape a sustainable power infrastructure today and for the future.

That’s why we’re building dynamic performance in the renewable energy industry today. We’re proud to be pioneers. Our highly skilled teams are innovative, entrepreneurial, ambitious and relentless about excellence. We optimise at every single step. Which is why our high performance, high yield assets exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver significant sustainable impact.

Our current pipeline of assets will offset 1,290,000 metric tonnes of carbon annually. That’s equivalent to:

EV Vehicle Miles


Tons of Coal Saved



Complete transparency with our customers, investors and supply chain allows us to build relationships and partnerships that can achieve results that others could not.


We will not accept anything less than the best. This approach ensures our projects perform at the highest possible level and generate the maximum possible level of energy.


Our team thinks outside the box. This allows us to take on projects that others won’t, and pioneer more efficient solutions.

Our greatest asset

Our Team

Our greatest asset is our people. We work with the best in the business: talented people who are incentivised to build dynamic performance at every step. Our values of transparency, quality and innovation run through everything we do which means we’re great to work with. We build long term relationships based on trust.
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