Varco Energy partners with Ethical Power Connections for development of two 57MW Battery Assets

Varco Energy (Varco), a pioneering UK-based battery storage asset owner and operator, and Ethical Power Connections, a high voltage power engineering and infrastructure contractor, are pleased to announce their partnership to develop two 57MW Battery Assets.

Varco has two battery energy storage solution (BESS) assets in the UK, the Native River project, a 57MW/138MWh transmission connected BESS south of Liverpool, and the Sizing John project, a 57MW/138MWh transmission connected BESS south of St Helen.  These assets, both being situated within a particularly congested part of the UK’s high voltage grid, will be able to provide localised balancing and stability services to the National Grid system operator, as well as broader load shifting capabilities to enable high penetration of renewable generation across the broader UK system.

Ethical Power Connections will be providing the Balance of Plant (BoP) work and will also act as the independent connections provider (ICP) at both of the schemes.  Works will include both the general balance of plant to enable the BESS equipment chosen by Varco at each site, as well as the electrical, mechanical, and civil infrastructure required for connection of these assets to National Grid’s Transmission network.

Varco, an Adaptogen Capital funded BESS operating company, is on a mission  to drive the energy transition to a net-zero future by building flexible energy storage.  By helping to integrate renewable energy generation and balance the grid, Varco makes sustainable energy accessible and affordable for all consumers.


James Mills, Director, Varco Energy said:

“At Varco we are committed to investing in assets that will accelerate renewal integration, sustain a resilient grid and drive consumer value in the UK. We are therefore delighted to be working in partnership with Ethical Power Connections to deliver our first two 57MW assets in the UK, both of which are expected to be online next year.”

Matt Paterson, Sales Director, Ethical Power Connections said:

“Ethical Power Connections are thrilled to be working with Varco Energy on the construction and connection of Sizing John & Native River battery energy storage projects to National Grid’s Transmission Network. Our mutual commitment to grid resilience and the sustainable construction of projects makes this partnership particularly meaningful and we look forward to seeing the assets become operational next year.” 



About Varco Energy

Varco Energy is based in the UK and backed by the Adaptogen Capital Battery Storage Fund. Varco is committed to driving the energy transition to a net-zero future by building flexible energy storage in the UK. Varco currently has 274MWhs of BESS projects under construction to keep moving the UK towards a renewable future.


About Adaptogen Capital

Adaptogen Capital is a specialist battery storage investment firm backed by some of the earliest investors in the UK storage industry. We were founded to provide insightful expertise to our investors and help them navigate the energy transition as sustainably and profitably as possible. Capital comes from a broad range of family office and institutional investors, with significant investment from our founding directors.


About Ethical Power Connections 

Ethical Power Connections are an Independent Connection Provider and Electrical Transmission and Distribution Networks Contractor with accreditation up to 400kV. Specialising in high voltage electrical, mechanical, civil “Balance of Plant” delivery, their in-house design, project management, civils management teams can manage projects from design to commissioning, offering a full turn-key service.

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