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Successful loan refinancing for Ethical Power’s two gas-peaking plants

Ethical Power has confirmed the successful refinancing of mezzanine loans, to the value of £2.8 million for their two owned and operated gas-peaking plants in the North of England: Fenton Lane and Huthwaite.

“The loan refinancing shows continued trust and confidence from CH1 Investment Partners LLP who arranged the financing in the ongoing profitable operation of these plants by Ethical Power,” says Stephen Williams, Ethical Power’s Chief Finance Officer.

Gas-peaking plants provide essential extra electricity generation for the national gird in periods of high demand. Fenton Lane and Huthwaite comprise 11 engines with a combined capacity of 11MW. As the UK energy infrastructure can’t yet fully cope with intermittent supply from renewables, these gas-fired plants play a vital role in system balancing and positively contribute to the UK’s security of electricity supply.

The Fenton Lane and Huthwaite gas-peaking plants are the only gas-fired power plants owned and operated by Ethical Power as it primarily develops, constructs, and operates solar parks and large-scale battery storage assets. The plants were built and grid-connected by Ethical Power in 2020 making use of existing infrastructure and grid connection planning permissions for the land.

About Ethical Power

Ethical Power is a vertically integrated renewable energy company specialising in solar power and large-scale battery storage projects. With competency across the entire life cycle of a project, from design through construction and grid connection to asset management, Ethical Power can optimise operations along the value chain and has a proven track record of delivering best-quality and highest-performing renewable energy assets in the UK. Ethical Power is quickly expanding to international markets with a growing pipeline of projects across Spain, Greece, Poland and New Zealand.


About CH1

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