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Stress Awareness Month at Ethical Power

April was an international Stress Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness and addressing the causes of stress.

Stress is present in our personal lives and work environments and influences how we cope with every aspect of our life.

At Ethical Power, we understand that stress is a complex issue, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Throughout April, we engaged in a stress awareness campaign where we shared resources and information. We covered a range of topics: the causes of stress (both personal and in the work environment), the impact exercise can have on our stress levels, how stress can affect our emotional, physical, and mental health, and how to alleviate and self-care if you are experiencing stress.

We also encouraged our colleagues to participate in our April Challenge with a goal to walk, run or cycle 150 miles across the month, emphasising the impact of physical exercise on stress reduction.

We’ve seen phenomenal effort from the individuals and teams participating in the Challenge. The Bristol Office formed a group across the H&S, Marketing and HR departments and smashed the target, achieving a combined total of 310 miles!

However, undoubtedly the two front-runners of the Challenge were Francisco Dominguez, HSEQ Director at Ethical Power Spain and Cameron Overton, Security Engineer at Ethical Power Ltd. Cycling, walking and running they achieved impressive results of 224 miles and 189.18 miles covered respectively in just 30 days!

Francisco commented about the Challenge: “Over the years, I found exercise to be the best way to keep your brain in order. Work, as well as personal life, can be stressful at times but going out with my bike or running helps me focus on what really matters. At Ethical Power I have the opportunity to enjoy working for a great company that gives me the time to dedicate to my family and friends, too!”

Cameron completed the challenge through cycling outdoors. “I find that cycling had two major benefits for me: whilst cycling I feel no stress or worries, this is down to being out in the countryside and enjoying the weather, wildlife and peaceful environment,” said Cameron. “The other advantage being my health benefits! Plus it allows me to eat a few extra goodies (ice cream and chocolate)! The Stress Awareness Month Challenge also provided an incentive to simply get out more.”


Thank you to all at Ethical Power for helping to spread the awareness and for looking out for yourselves and those around you! We hope you found our awareness campaign helpful and informative. Remember, taking care of yourself is essential and it’s okay to ask for help if you need it!

At Ethical Power, our employees’ wellbeing is a top priority. We will continue to bring resources, information, and provide tools for everyone to have equal access to support. At various intervals throughout the year, we will be championing mental and physical wellbeing in all its forms and inviting our teams to feedback, contribute and share the themes.

In May, we will be participating in Mental Health Awareness Week 15-21 May 2023 supported by the Mental Health Foundation.