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Project renamed Bullous Park in memory of Emma Bullous

On 27th June 2023, the Two Post solar project was renamed Bullous Park in tribute to our beloved late colleague, Emma Bullous.

We sadly lost Emma to cancer in 2021, at a very young age of 22 years old. Emma was a Technical Coordinator at Ethical Power. She poured her heart and soul into various projects very similar to Two Post Solar Farm, and her passion for solar power and her fascination with rock formations and geology were contagious. Her dedication, hard work and positive energy brightened our workplace. To us, she was not only a highly regarded colleague but also a cherished friend.

Emma truly left her mark on Ethical Power and its people. To honour her memory and the profound impact she had on both our work and our lives, the team proposed and unanimously pushed for renaming the Two Post project as Bullous Park. This gesture aims to preserve Emma’s spirit within our hearts and for generations to come, as well as to honour her remarkable contributions to our organization.

It was a day filled with both sorrow and gratitude as we had the privilege of welcoming Emma’s family and friends to join us in the official renaming ceremony. It was an emotional occasion that allowed us to remember Emma through heartfelt speeches from her mother, Paula, and Oli Fernandes, Emma’s close friend and our Head of Quality and Compliance. The new site name board, thoughtfully designed and crafted by Emma’s father, Michael, now proudly adorns the front gate, serving as a symbol of our lasting tribute: Bullous Park.

Bullous Park will serve as a reminder of Emma’s extraordinary spirit, her unwavering dedication, and the impact she made on Ethical Power and our team.