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Our new visual identity

Introducing our new logo, website and visual assets and the story behind how we the new concept was created.

In 2010, we began our journey to become the UK’s only fully vertically integrated renewable energy company. With firm focus on driving progress and excellence in delivery, we scaled our operations and expanded our capabilities.

2023 was a breakthrough year for Ethical Power. We’ve reached new milestones in terms of the pace and extent of our growth. We took on significantly larger projects in the UK, we started the build of our first international solar project in Spain, we successfully completed sale of a significant pipeline of projects in New Zealand and secured an EPC contract for their build. Today, as a global company, we operate across continents and the entire solar and BESS project lifecycle. Our teams develop, install, connect and operate highest quality renewable energy systems.

Following the tremendous achievements of 2023, we were missing one final piece of the puzzle…

Introducing the new Ethical Power logo.

Our refreshed branding captures Ethical Power as we are today, with renewed energy and continued commitment to excellence, as leaders in renewable energy. Our new logo builds on the heritage of the previous one but is updated to include our focus sectors and capabilities in a more contemporary and dynamic look.


Ethical Power Logo


Composed of three abstract elements representing solar, BESS and grid connections, it can also suggest reflection on environment and natural elements. The shapes merge to form a mark subtly depicting the letters ‘e’ and ‘p’.

Innovation meets sustainability.

Our new branding was meticulously crafted to reflect our core values and aspirations.

We are proud to unveil a look that mirrors our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in renewable energy, while staying true to our moral code and ambitious goals.

  • Committed to excellence.

    We hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards and continuously strive to raise the bar. We acknowledge and own up to the responsibility we have to our employees, customers, community, industry and all stakeholders for always doing the best work.

    Excellence is a quality that people really appreciate, because it’s so hard to find.

    We lead by example.

  • Acting with integrity.

    Whether dealing with clients, colleagues, or communities, we act with integrity. We are open, honest, ethical, and genuine.

    We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships. We respect each other and ourselves and we’re accountable for our actions. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations and communicate openly.

    Integrity isn’t easy, but it’s essential to our growth.

  • Driving progress.

    Our work is purposeful. We value continuous improvement, moving forward with the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained from our experiences.

    We have the drive to go further, do better and create new possibilities. We continue learning and developing to enable progression of our people, our projects, and our industry.

    Progress is no incident. It comes as a result of our committed work, knowledge and experience.

With the new website, we now have a space where we can showcase the strength of our offering and the incredible individuals driving our success.

We eagerly look forward to opportunities in the future for Ethical Power and our fantastic teams, making our plans a reality.

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