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Inspiring Inclusion

On this International Women’s Day, we recognise the shared responsibility and need for action driving gender parity. We asked our colleagues about what #inclusion means for them and how it impacts their daily lives, both within the workplace and beyond.

Reflecting on their experiences within Ethical Power and beyond, our colleagues share their perspectives.


Maddie Harmer, HR Manager, has been with Ethical Power for several years now. She says: What I love most is that I feel we are a workplace that is naturally inclusive. It doesn’t feel forced, and you can see it in our shared company values and the genuine integrity we show to all our colleagues! The way people deal with issues and have an amazing level of support for each other is great to see. The company offers training opportunities to all; and it is incredible to see females at the top of their game in roles like Engineering, Legal and Construction!”


Bianca Watts, Health & Safety Advisor for Construction, echoes the sentiment: Ethical Power stands by its values of inclusion”, she says. “From day one, I have been treated with respect and made to feel part of the Ethical Power family. My development within the company has been encouraged, my skills have been enhanced and utilised, and my opinions and voice has been heard. No matter the issue, I feel the door is always open and the support within the company is comforting.”


Leah Donnelly, O&M Portfolio Manager, joined Ethical Power in September last year.As a new employee I have felt included within our company in multiple aspects,” she says. “From the day to day within my team and office to the wider company, whenever you see anyone, people are always keen to talk or get to know you which has made me feel valued and included.”

When it comes to career progression, equal opportunities and investing in women’s growth and development is the way to achieve gender equality and ensure prosperous economies.


Nareece Thomas, Client Manager for O&M, says: I’ve been able to progress my career and was considered as an equal within the business regardless of my gender. I’ve felt included within the company when I was asked for my input and offered opportunities that I don’t think I would get elsewhere.”



“Ethical Power is an inclusive company where women are given the same opportunity as men,” adds Simona Scanu, Head of Operations – EPC. “I think I am a clear proof of that It’s not a particular practice or initiative, equality is an intrinsic part of our company culture. “

We recognize that inclusion goes far beyond mere representation; it’s about fostering an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their authentic selves to the table. It’s about creating a culture where diverse perspectives are not only welcomed but embraced, where voices are heard, and where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive and succeed.


We asked how our colleagues of all genders contribute to creating a culture of inclusion in your daily interactions.

Henry De Viell, Performance Manager, adds: “I think it’s best to contribute to the inclusive culture at Ethical Power, not just by acknowledging opinions and efforts of all members, from all backgrounds and all genders, but giving further credit to those who may have personal experience. By working with colleagues to ensure we foster a company-wide atmosphere of inclusion, we can also ensure that all of the company, and any contractors and other parties are all being inclusive.”


“I contribute to creating a culture of inclusion by having mindful conversations within the workplace, challenging stereotypes and being aware of my privileges in personal life and work life,” adds Nareece Thomas.

In many departments, inclusivity is inherent to the day-to-day work. Our teams are proud to enable it in everything they do.


Maddie Harmer says: “Working in HR a lot of what we do has considerations around inclusivity, whether its for policies, ensuring fairness and ethical practices are followed daily, or organising an event. We ensure that we are actively considering inclusivity so that everyone, regardless of background, feels not just accommodated but genuinely included.”


Bianca Watts talks about the Health & Safety and wellbeing: “As part of the Health and Safety team I strive to create a positive safety culture whereby employees feel comfortable to come to approach me with issues regardless of their job role and feel included in decisions the business makes regarding their safety and wellbeing.”

Thanks to everyone for sharing their views. Let us continue to inspire inclusion not just on International Women’s Day but every day as we strive to create a more equitable and inclusive world for all.