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Ethical Power is building New Zealand’s renewable energy future

Ethical Power New Zealand has been contracted to build over 350MW porftolio of nine utility-scale solar farms for Lodestone Energy.

Ethical Power is pleased to announce its selection as the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor for nine utility-scale solar farms across New Zealand.

Originally developed by three-way joint venture HES Aotearoa, comprising Hive Energy, Ethical Power, and Solar Southwest, the nine development sites were recently acquired by Lodestone Energy. Following the sale, Lodestone has appointed Ethical Power New Zealand as its EPC partner for all nine projects, totalling 372MW capacity.

The agreement between Ethical Power New Zealand and Lodestone Energy marks a significant milestone in the renewable energy industry. With this partnership, Ethical Power New Zealand will assume responsibility for the design, construction, and delivery of these nine solar farms, bolstering the company’s and country’s commitment to a sustainable and clean energy future.

Ethical Power opened the New Zealand office at the beginning of 2022 with Matt Rowe appointed as the Managing Director.

Commenting on this exciting development, Matt says the selection by Lodestone was a significant move for Ethical Power in this country and confirmed its position as a leading solar farm builder of scale around the world.

“By combining our design, procurement and construction expertise with Lodestone Energy’s strategic vision, we can deliver these projects efficiently and to the highest standards,” Matt says.

The companies will begin immediate collaboration to initiate the construction phase of the solar farms. Ethical Power is dedicated to implementing state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable practices throughout the development process, ensuring minimal environmental impact, and maximising the generation of clean energy.

Matt says the projects, which are at various stages of development, will be built using New Zealand contractors and staff, creating new jobs and skills in the country.

The solar farms will contribute significantly to renewable energy capacity in New Zealand. To put it into perspective, the combined portfolio’s capacity of approximately 372MW is close to the size of the large gas turbine at Huntly Power Station, and they will produce enough electricity to power over 70,000 homes.

Once built, this substantial addition to the country’s renewable energy infrastructure will contribute to reducing reliance on fossil fuels, increasing New Zealand’s energy independence, and improving resilience in electricity networks. Ultimately, the renewable energy projects are driving the nation’s efforts towards a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Pictured (left to right): Matt Rowe (Ethical Power New Zealand), Tom Kneen (Ethical Power), Gary Holden (Lodestone Energy), Nick Keeler (HESA)
Lodestone Energy, 2023.