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Ethical Power at the Renewable Energy Finance Forum

Our CEO, Tom Kneen, and CFO, Stephen Williams, were at the Renewable Energy Finance Forum in Amsterdam today.

The REFF Europe event provided a platform for industry experts to come together, exchange ideas, and explore strategies to overcome challenges faced by businesses operating in the renewable energy space.

At the conference this year, we had the opportunity to share our expertise and insights about solar projects development and construction. Tom Kneen took part in the panel discussion on “addressing the bottlenecks delaying and disrupting projects” alongside Mark Futyan from Anesco Ltd and Matthijs Poorthuis, CFA at Sunrock.

In the discussion, Tom drew attention to the critical factors affecting the progress and success of renewable energy initiatives, shedding light on the bottlenecks that have been hindering and disrupting renewable energy projects. The subject of ethical business practices and control of supply chain were also discussed.

Tom emphasized the significance of regulatory frameworks and policy support in driving renewable energy adoption and industry best practices. He stressed the importance of fostering an enabling environment that encourages investment, streamlines project approvals, and provides stable long-term incentives without losing sight of our integrity and commitment to excellence.

As a renewable energy developer, EPC contractor, and asset operator, Ethical Power remains committed to overcoming these bottlenecks and driving the energy transition forward. We will continue to leverage our expertise, industry partnerships and technological innovations to address the challenges highlighted at the REFF and propel renewable energy projects toward success.

Together, we can unlock the full potential of renewable energy and create a cleaner and more sustainable world for future generations.