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Birth of the NOC (Network Operating Centre)

One of the key facets in the development of the Operations and Maintenance is to analyse performance with the goal of detecting, predicting and diagnosis of any issues in the most expedient way possible.

As the business grows and encompasses new technologies and spans internationally, the concentration of skills to facilitate genuine 24/7/365 capability is crucial. We took our first step towards this with the addition of Oliver to the team, to be trained under Henry’s expert tutelage and be the first member of the control room team.

Delivering speed and expertise to client issues

The team have been at the forefront dealing with new issues that face deployed infrastructure of the recent months – replacing string cables and obsolete inverter systems. This requires an incredible amount of collaborative effort to define the solution, formulate proposals, tender to the correct contractors then overseeing through to works completion. The critical elements here are focused around conveyance of a clear case to decision makers, through engineering and commercial justifications, to enable better preparations for the implications of operational assets.


Applying new solutions to old problems

We have been engaged in facilitating a number of solutions with the goal of maximising the impact and benefit from works completed on site, utilising methods and solutions that push the boundaries of the work that O&M contractors carry out. Avoiding some of the usual pitfalls that come up during maintenance, to enable greater control over the work carried out through fulfilling contracts, and evolving the relationships with our clients.

Darren Tompkins, Head of O&M