Building Dynamic Performance

We’re relentless about excellence

We drive unrivalled quality and asset life performance with our end-to-end renewable energy capabilities. Continuous improvement means ever increasing performance and innovation throughout development, design, construction, grid connections, operation & management and asset optimisation.

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Total PV development pipeline
O&M has serviced a portfolio of


across 40 sites

High performing assets with 99.09% availability

Performance Ratio

Over 90% Performance Ratio - on sites built and operated by Ethical Power

For Investors

Highly experienced management team with a proven track record

Our Asset Management team brings in-depth renewable energy market and fund management experience.

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Growth in worldwide solar PV capacity

The current boom will increase global solar PV capacity from below 800 GW today to 8,519 GW in 2050. Solar will supply almost one third of total worldwide electricity demand by 2050 –a ten-fold increase from 2017 levels.

Global GDP Boost

Future Outlook

Investing in renewables could unlock a US$ 98 trillion global GDP boost by 2050 (Source: International Renewable Energy Agency)

The Ethical Power Asset Management team brings together in-depth experience of the renewable energy market and fund management

Flexible and responsive investment opportunities

No-one else can optimise along the value chain like us, to deliver high yield, high performance renewable energy assets


High yield, high performance renewable energy assets

We pioneer the delivery of innovative energy technologies and solutions

And as the UK’s only vertically integrated renewable energy company, we maximise performance across the entire project lifecycle from development to asset management

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Vertically integrated to maximise performance

We offer unrivalled performance with our end-to-end integrated solution. By delivering each stage of a project lifecycle in-house to our exacting excellence standards, we can optimise at every point. Always learning and always improving performance from development to design, through construction to grid connection and operation, into asset management.

Over the lifetime of current pipeline, asset capacity

= 3,000MW

Our current pipeline asset capacity of 3,000MW of renewable energy is enough to:

Offset 9,034,998
metric tonnes of Carbon annually

Power 265,584
homes annually

renewable energy impact

We’re shaping a sustainable power infrastructure today, and for the future

Our projects are designed to last, operating at optimal rates for their entire lifetime of 40+ years. We work hard to build the highest quality projects and consider our environmental impact at every stage of the process. On the solar sites under our management, we plant hedgerows, grassland and wildflowers to support the local ecosystems and promote biodiversity post-construction.  

Working for us

Be a part of something amazing

Ethical Power people are the best in the business. Ours is a culture based on excellent delivery, trusted relationships and leading with empathy. We give our committed team all they need to progress. And we’re growing, fast. Help us build a better world powered by renewable energy.

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“To be the best, we've got to have the best team: the best design, development, delivery. All the different elements all the way through and all the people behind the scenes too. We’re always trying to think of better ways, to better what we do.”

Aaron Tucker, Head of Construction

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